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What is the value of a photograph?  In a monetary sense, you might locate the most expensive oil painting, then compare the price to the most expensive photograph- and see the difference.  They are identical in demonstration, however, in that they both portray something to look at.  In fact, common practice for many painters is to photograph the subject first, then return to the studio where they will render, reflecting the captured image to canvas. 


Regardless of the process and the resultant material that is used, ultimately an object hangs on a wall somewhere, and takes up living space; that is, if the image is to become a picture.  This picture reflects the supporting configuration that allows you to walk on the planks of the dock, straight on to rippling water that is simultaneously reflecting a very beautiful blue Monterey sky.  Visiting Monterey, California for the first time was an exhilarating experience.  This shot taken way back then, in 77', never fails in its influence to remind me of the powerful enchantment experienced in that highly sensually enhanced environment. 


It does seem unequivocally that most things we encounter just simply reflect what is already there- making true originality in thought and purpose a formidable challenge.  You can always go the abstract way though, and just start presenting images whose lines and curves conform to nothing and deliver no message whatsoever, except to evoke feelings.  That's fine for some, but personally, my choice is for a message to come with the picture.  There are nine meanings associated with the word reflection, but this is my favorite: "a transformation that involves reflection in more than one axis of a rectangular coordinate system."


I'm not sure I understand exactly what this describes, but it seems to suggest that in order to change, we must "see" more than one subject of focus, where component parts play a role in combining to amount to the "big picture", allowing understanding, leading to transformation of thought, accompanied by self-imposed behavior modification, resulting in relief from organizational bondage.  Gazing upon "Reflections", has always served to encourage to press on, and look for the true colors and best values in life. 

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