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Motorcycle Trips shares in words and pictures seven separate journeys experienced by the author over a span of 27 years. From Minnesota to Texas, California to Victoria, and then Utah to Colorado, you will be treated to an unusual slice of life on the road by Steven George Sanders, the musical motorcycle messenger man. 
     As you compare this compilation of trips to homemade soup, you will taste the added ingredients of photography, writing, piano playing, and a few sprinkles of political commentary, thrown in for good measure. Solo riding is very different from riding with a co-rider, and affords the presence of mind to take pictures of interesting subjects along the way, coupled with the freedom to take risks that might be unacceptable to a passenger. 
     Weather becomes a major concern when riding a motorcycle, and there is no shortage of weather related anecdotes contained in these episodes. But after it is all said and done, the weather is a kind of friend, adding much drama and grit to what otherwise could be a much less exciting story line. 
     Furthermore, you will meet an interesting mix of assorted friends and characters on these trips, not unlike all the different letters contained in alphabet soup. This peculiar rider is an artist that desires a creative, spiritual experience while on the road, and never forgets to thank God for providing safety and survival as he moves ahead toward the unpredictable future. This book most probably will stir many emotions, but boredom will certainly not be one of them.


A few years ago, on a bike trip to Colorado, I found my way into the Mahogany Grille at the Strater Hotel in downtown Durango. The ambiance was elegant Western Saloon, focal point being the upright piano and the pianists dazzling a packed-house with their amazing ragtime talents. I only stayed long enough to take a few shots like the one you see here, and was completely blown away with the skills presented by the two pianists that were on duty while I was there.

Later on, while exploring the rest of the town, I stopped into a French restaurant for dinner, and was allowed to play their idle baby grand for a handful of diners in attendance. There is a certain kind of magic that happens when you are playing the piano--especially for a live audience. It's almost as if the time around you becomes suspended, while you and your listeners enter a separate dimension, exclusive to the music alone. The privilege to occupy and thrive in this "zone" is a gift of experience that has few rivals--at least from my humble point of view.

It would really be nice if everyone could play the piano. If we had been alive in the early 1900's, it might have seemed that way. The United States was chocked full of hundreds of piano factories, cranking out the main source of entertainment for homes, churches, restaurants, and saloons.

In Santa Clara country, California, the municipal parks department has just initiated an experimental program whereby they have "spotted" a certain number of acoustic pianos in places like parks where passersby can spontaneously stop and do some plunking on the keys. I wonder how long these pianos will survive the outdoors, but the experiment is magnificent.

The world is getting crazier by the minute, and this recent news item may be a sign of things to come. The piano and piano playing may be poised to make a big comeback in our society. Playing, and even practicing the piano is a very enjoyable and often therapeutic thing to do.


I would like to personally welcome you to this journey we will take together, moving forward in knowledge towards our own unique musical destinations. I've heard from so many people time and time again how they like me, started the piano and then quit, with great regret. With a few fortunate turn of events, I was able to resume my playing and eventually became a professional player, mostly playing jazz standards in fine restaurants.  But It always pained me to hear of others' remorse and I wished that there was something I could do to help them get back on the path of piano playing.  In this book I candidly reveal my own struggles with the piano along with presenting the the steps and lessons you can take to return to the joy of piano playing.  Our goal is to achieve the ability to play or write songs of your own choosing, rendered in your own unique style that you will piece together using the concepts and lessons  presented in Piano Heaven. More than just an offering of dry musical material found in so many other books, my intent here is to spark your motivation and inspire you to make music with great abundance of enthusiasm. 

     A great way to learn to play music is by listening to songs you want to learn and playing along with them. This activity is fun, and develops your “ear” for music in the process. In time, with concentrated listening you will learn to identify the “keynotes” of musical pieces, along with the chords supporting the melodies as the tunes move through their “changes.” 

     Additionally, when you learn the lyrics and then sing the songs, you will be memorizing the melodies by “heart” in the process. With these steps completed, you will find that you have learned the rhythm of the tunes as well. 

     So climb aboard and come fly with me to PIANO HEAVEN!


            Steven George Sanders Tells in This Deluxe Edition 200 page                 Biography/Instruction Manual How He Learned to Become a Piano Player  Against All Odds While Showing & Teaching Step by Step How You Can Too!
Why do so many people start lessons 
 and then give up and quit, regretting it for the rest of their lives? As a victim of this experience himself, but one who miraculously overcame failure by doing several "end runs"around the problem, Sanders takes the lid off this question by telling his own story with piano lessons and gives precise guidance and instruction to those who still have the desire to play.
    This deluxe edition is specifically designed for the convenience of the student and consists of 200 loose-leaf 3-hole-punched pages printed on one side, inserted into a 1" width black binder.This format affords the student a flexible but sturdy tool that sits solidly on the piano stand or keyboard stand, while the pages remain perfectly still, allowing for greater concentration. In addition, the pages can be punched on the opposite side for displaying two-page piano lessons at once, and can be reorganized in the book to suit the desire of the student. 
  The biographical material in Piano Heaven is entertaining and inspiring, chocked full of useful musical "tricks"and concepts Sanders accumulated over a lifetime of struggling to become a piano player. A 30 year seasoned veteran of professional playing, Sanders has finally released his story with the hope that he can help all those who want to become a piano player, or became frustrated with piano lessons and would like to try again with a completely different approach. Included with the book on CD is his recording of the song Piano Heaven, used as a model for study. 
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