"Just a quick note toward Mr. Steven Sanders for his wonderful job on teaching piano. Dear Mr.Steven Sanders; you are a very upbeat and personable piano teacher. You are talented, and your method of teaching helps my three lovely children learn so fast and develop a passion for piano. You are an excellent teacher, you are doing a wonderful job teaching my children. You have a lot of energy and a nice sense of humor. Often I could see the happiness on my children faces. My children have been studying piano with you for the last 7 weeks. Through all those many hours you have maintained your great sense of humor, and always encouraged them to reach the highest goals they could achieve. Your love and your methodology skills are beyond question. My advice to all potential students: study with Mr. Sanders, and you will be astonished to see how much your music skills will grow, and your playing will improve tenfold."
Evenel Mervilus, Ed.D
September 15, 2013
"Before I took lessons from Steve Sanders, I was a struggling piano player. I wanted to play pop/rock/jazz, however most of the music I wanted to play was too difficult for me.  Steve customized and modified lessons to give me just what I needed.  He always answered my questions. After three months of weekly lessons from Steve ---and lots of practice:) --- I now can hear a new song on TV, radio, or a movie; buy the chart/music; and in a week I know it well enough to perform.  Often Steve knows the song and gives me a copy.  If you are a piano beginner, or beyond, and motivated to play popular music and ENJOY it, I highly recommend Steve Sanders as a teacher." 
-Review by student Peggy Falkenstein, 
-March 16th, 2013

PIANO HEAVEN Deluxe Edition


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A Slice of Piano Heaven
Why do so many people start lessons 
and then give up and quit, regretting it for the rest of their lives? As a victim of this experience himself, but one who miraculously overcame failure by doing several "end runs"around the problem, Sanders takes the lid off this question by telling his own story with piano lessons and gives precise guidance and instruction to those who still have the desire to play.

This deluxe edition is specifically designed for the convenience of the student and consists of 209 loose-leaf 3-hole-punched pages printed on one side, inserted into a 1" width black binder.This format affords the student a flexible but sturdy tool that sits solidly on the piano stand or keyboard stand, while the pages remain perfectly still, allowing for greater concentration. In addition, the pages can be punched on the opposite side for displaying two-page piano lessons at once, and can be reorganized in the book to suit the desire of the student. 

The biographical material is entertaining and inspiring, chocked full of useful musical "tricks"and concepts Sanders accumulated over a lifetime of struggling to become a piano player. A 30 year seasoned veteran of professional playing, Sanders has finally released his story with the hope that he can help all those who want to become a piano player, or became frustrated with piano lessons and would like to try again with a completely different approach. Included with the book on CD is his recording of the song Piano Heaven, used as a model for study.