Everything Has Changed

It’s hard to believe there are this many activities left on my plate of life— and still competing for my time. Time is the critical consideration, along with health of body and soul, which determines the output level of continuing production. The new profile photo now exposes an “older gentleman” that has finally accepted the fact that aging is a forgone conclusion, with no exceptions, not even for me.

We have lived through many decades of good times in the USA, and there were always plenty of work opportunities for entrepreneurial types and the self-employed. This however, really haven’t been quite the same since 2008— after the economic bubble burst. But then again, it all depends on what industry you chose to pursue, accompanied by your personal people skills and abilities to keep the ball rolling in a favorable direction.

The computer and the advancement of software programs designed to provide a mechanism for the average person to fulfill creative dreams is truly amazing. These programs have literally leveled the playing fields of music, photography, and writing, just to mention three off the top of my head. Once you have finished your creations, the next step demands that you stay in your chair and spend many more waking hours promoting your products through the use of social networking and marketing techniques.

At the beginning of last summer, I set about to embark on a brand new challenge— the writing of a book. It just didn’t seem fair to hard my knowledge of how to play the piano and go to my grave selfishly keeping the matter under wraps. It took the entire summer 24/6 (you have to take at least one day off) to put it together, but finally Piano Heaven came in to existence. Incidentally it finally became available as a Kindle eBook a few weeks ago.

Then Motorcycle Trips was born and is available either way—paperback or eBook. with these two projects finished and available to the public via Amazon and the world-wide web, the job of leaving behind a record of my unique experiences in these lifelong endeavors was completed—almost.

The clutter of so many photographs shot over a forty-five year period was closing in on me. It seemed logical at this time to reduce my “photo-phobia”, and wipe the slate clean. But before engaging the delete button on a massive scale, I saved the best fifty shots and placed them in a short 44 page booklet called Pictures in Tune. This publication provides a lovely fest for your eyes, and if it is left lying around the house somewhere, I’m sure no one will mind.

So there you have it everything has changed, and continues to change in leaps and bounds. The good news is that you don’t have to get caught up in my changes! You have three ways to trip with me, without every having to leave your chair. How convenient!

Introduction to Moving Through Time

At the beginning of summer last year, I started my first writing project with intent to publish. “Piano Heaven“, the title of a song I wrote a couple of years ago, became the title of my first book. After a wonderful 30-year career playing professional cocktail piano in restaurants, it became time to tell my story of how I finally learned to play, and share the knowledge and methods I picked-up along the way.

The next book idea appeared without much effort since seven solo motorcycle trips in narrative and pictures were parked on one page of my website doing nothing. I copied the material into Word, removed the page from the site, and set about the task of formatting the project into the book “Motorcycle Trips“,which allows the reader to journey with me on each trip from 1988 through 2014.

Photography has always been one of my fondest avocations, which resulted in a collection of framed pictures called “Natural Graphics”, produced in the seventies. “Pictures in Tune“, my third book, is simply a collection of fifty of the best shots from those years, with captions and brief descriptions. Most of the subject matter consists of scenes in nature that I found interesting enough to capture along the highways and byways of the USA.

Each of the three books are available on Amazon and can be ordered as paperbacks or as eBooks. With the old website software now retired after twelve years, this writing kicks off the beginning of a new avocation (writing), and the challenge of designing a brand-new site from scratch. I invite your comments and welcome you back anytime you get the inkling!